Oliver Gordon BSc. Hons. אוליבר גורדון

Registered Osteopath אוסטאופת מורשה
Cranial Osteopathy
Osteopathy for Children
About Me
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About Me

After studying and practicing martial arts for 15 years I had a natural interest in the body and helping people, so it felt natural for me to pursue this further.  So now, after training and teaching, an Access Course, a Shiatsu Course, and a 5 year Osteopathy Degree and 7 years of cranio-sacral experience.  I am in a good position to understand and provide holistic therapy for all people, with a wide variety of ailments using a wide variety of techniques.



I aim to set and follow high standards and offer a warm welcome to new and existing patients.  All patients are considered individually, and treatments are tailored to each person's needs and tolerances.

Osteopathic Studies
The European School of Osteopathy (1999-2004)                        College of Osteopaths (2004-2006)